An Ultimate Guide to the Best Sex Doll of 2022 | Review & Buyers Guide

An Ultimate Guide to the Best Sex Doll of 2022 | Review & Buyers Guide

Then you should treat yourself to a sex doll. With love dolls, you can create the sex life you always fantasize about, without all the negative parts of a relationship.

And today, you can find realistic sex dolls that fit everyone’s unique taste: big boobs, flat chested, blond, Asian, African, BBW, or a mature sex doll, to name a few. Or why not a beauty that’s a replica of your favorite pornstar!?

But the many options can easily make any sane person overwhelmed. Also, you need to be aware of the many low-quality made-in-China products out there. Many will break quickly and look very different from their flashy marketing material.

But fear not. In this guide, I’ll help sex doll fans navigate these confusing waters, and my lifelike sex doll guide will be of big help when you select the best sex dolls for your exact needs.

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Review Of My 10 Most Realistic Sex Dolls For Men

I am sure this is why you’re here. The sex doll reviews! First and foremost, all the sex dolls I reviewed are of high quality. They have incredibly realistic skins and bendable metal skeletons manufactured using the highest quality standards and last for many years.

I recommend buying from Sex Doll Genie, Silicon Wives, and Sexy Real Sex Dolls. Three trusted sex doll brands that have sold luxury sex dolls for many years. Not only will you get the best sexdoll products, but you also get a solid warranty!

1. Auburn: The Best Realistic Sex Doll!

Gaze at her realistic face and carefully hand-painted details as she deep throats your cock. Squeeze her deliciously firm B-Cup size breasts and pinch the perfectly shaped nipples. Plunge deep into her beautiful round ass and tight pussy and feel the textured tunnels stroke your manhood.

Auburn has all the parts of a real girl. She has fiery red hair and two beautiful blue eyes. Her nipples are hard like on a real girl, and between her legs, she has a soft and inviting vagina. Of course, she also has a sexy ass, so that you can vary your naughty play with her.

Auburn is made from platinum cured TPE. Curing the material with platinum prevents oil from oozing out of the skin, which is an issue with non-platinum cured sex dolls. Also, she has a reinforced steel skeleton inside, so you can safely create every position of your fantasies. Auburn is 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) and 61.7 lbs, making it feel like you’re having sex with a real person.

Overall, Auburn is one of the most life-like sex dolls you can find today, and she’s the best TPE sex doll in my review.

  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 5ft2 (157 cm)
  • Weight: 62 lbs (28 kg)
  • Orifices: Vaginal, Anal, & Oral
  • It’s made from body-safe TPE.
  • The sex doll features a steel skeleton and movable joints for maximum flexibility.
  • Impressive vaginal, anal, and oral capabilities.
  • Fully customizable to your liking.
  • Lightweight and portable sex dolls.
  • People who prefer BBW dolls may find her too petite.

2. Yuna: The Best Cheap Sex Doll!

Her skin is soft, just like a real teenage girl’s. If you close your eyes and touch her, you won’t feel the difference. Caress her beautiful feminine face, kiss her soft lips, run your fingers through her silky smooth hair, and touch her soft pink nipples. Then grab her curvy waist, lay her down, and let your hard manhood tease her labia, finally entering her tight, realistic vagina while burying your face in her perky breasts.